Speakers & Special Guests

As one of the primary aims of the conference is to provide learning opportunities and mentoring to developers and potential developers, there will be talks by industry veterans and training workshops conducted by relevant professionals. As there are relatively fewer trained and experienced professionals in the Pakistani game industry and there appears to be a buildup of considerable interest about it, these talks and workshops would be a very important and attractive part of the conference.

Featured Speakers 2018

Celia Hodent - website

Celia Hodent

Director of UX, Epic Games

At GEC 2018:
"Developing a UX mindset on Fortnite"

At GEC 2017: "How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Game Design"
Track: Game Design and Production, UI/UX

Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience and psychology in video game design and in the development of UX strategy and process in game studios. She holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Paris Descartes-Sorbonne, France, where she specialized in cognitive development. In 2005, Celia stepped aside from academic research to work with an educational toy manufacturer, VTech, and then entered the video game industry. She has worked at Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Montreal, LucasArts, and Epic Games to help guide the studios, and their projects, toward improved user experience practices. Celia's approach is to use cognitive science knowledge and the scientific method to concretely solve design problems and make sure the player experience is always enjoyable and engaging, while reaching business goals. Celia is also the founder and curator of the Game UX Summit, which launched in Durham, NC, in May of 2016, hosted by Epic Games. She has worked on many projects across multiple platforms (PC, console, mobile, and VR), including the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise, Star Wars: 1313, Paragon, Fortnite, and Spyjinx. Celia is the author of The Gamer's Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can Impact Video Game Design, published in August 2017.


Brie Code

CEO, Creative Director & Founder, TruLuv Media

At GEC 2018:
"Q&A with Brie"

At GEC 2017:
"Games From the Heart"

At GEC 2016:
"Video Games are Boring"

Track: Game Design and Production

Lead Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal, who has also worked at Relic Entertainment and Pandemic Studios on the Assassin’s Creed franchise and games like Child of Light, and is helping to launch an exciting diversity initiative at Ubisoft Montreal.

She is currently working on her own startup Tru Luv Media and travelling around the world meeting diverse communities to learn and engage them in creating interesting games. Brie is creating games with the people who don’t like video games.

KateEdwards-Geogrify - Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards

CEO, Principal Consultant, Geographer & Industry Advocate, Geogrify

At GEC 2017:
"Maximizing Locales and Managing Mobs: Strategies for Game Culturalization"

Kate Edwards is the CEO and principal consultant of Geogrify, a Seattle-based consultancy for content culturalization and is the former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). In addition to being an outspoken advocate and industry leader that serves in several advisory/board roles, she is an applied geographer, writer, and corporate strategist. Formerly as Microsoft’s first Geopolitical Strategist in the Geopolitical Strategy team she created and managed, Kate was responsible for protecting the company against political and cultural content risks across all products and locales. Since leaving Microsoft, she has provided guidance to many companies on a wide range of geopolitical and cultural issues and she continues to work on a variety of game franchises. Kate is also the founder and former chair of the IGDA’s Localization Special Interest Group, a former board member of IGDA Seattle, the co-organizer of the Game Localization Summit at GDC, and is a regular columnist for MultiLingual Computing magazine. In October 2013, Fortune magazine named her as one of the "10 most powerful women" in the game industry and in December 2014 she was named by GamesIndustry.biz as one of their six People of the Year in the game industry.


Shayan Zaeem

Co-Founder and CPO , Fizz Inc.

At GEC 2018:
"Quantifying Chat"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

Co-Founded Caramel Tech Studios. I'm a product guy at heart therefore worked with the team hands on be it strategy, design, UX since the conception of the studio till date.

fdd0d790-b193-11e6-a953-75c2291b8f52 - Qasim Meher Asad

Qasim Meher Assad

Head of Products, Mindstorm Studios

At GEC 2018:
"How to scale your app from 1 Download to 1 Million Downloads"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

Mr. Assad has been working in Mobile Game Industry for more than 10 years. He has worked with international clients like Chilingo, Stick Sports, 6 Waves, Tango and Pocket Gems.


Umair Azfar Khan

Assistant Professor, Habib University

At GEC 2018:
" Introducing Game Design and Programming in a Liberal Arts University's Curriculum"

Track: Games Education

Dr. Khan has always been passionate about computer games from the early days of Commodore 64 when a game was considered to be a good game with graphics if its size was bigger than 256 Kilobytes. His interest brought him into the realm of Computer Science where he found out that there is much more to games than fancy graphics. His research took him through the fields of Software Engineering and Design, and applying graph theory techniques for Artificial Intelligent Decision Making through Planning.


Ian Schreiber

Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology,Rochester, NY, USA

At GEC 2018:
" Game Design Workshop"

Track: Game Design and Production

What is game design and how do you start designing a game? In this session, game designer, educator, and author Ian Schreiber leads a hands-on workshop that takes participants through the process of coming up with ideas for games and taking them to rapid paper prototypes. Topics covered include ideation, working within constraints, the connection between tabletop and digital games, rapid prototyping, playtesting, and iteration.


Sadia Bashir

CEO & Founder, PixelArt Games Academy

At GEC 2017:
"The Game Design Workshop"

At GEC 2016:
"Video Games Development Process Frameworks"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

She is a game artist/designer from Islamabad, Pakistan. She has been working in the game industry for more than seven years now. She has done research on “Contemporary Practices of Game Development in Industry,” and also extending her research to study traditional and industry-oriented process frameworks suitable for game development. She has organised multiple game jams, community development events, training courses and workshops. She is extremely passionate about video game development & its education in bringing creativity from the diverse individuals of Pakistan

Jill Murray

Jill Murray

Narrative Design, Discoglobe Interactive Inc.

At GEC 2018:
" The Soul of the Game - Character Drives Story"

Track: Video Game Narratives

In games we talk a lot about story structures like branching dialogue or whether to emulate the Hero’s Journey. But at the end of the day, every story needs believable characters whose motivations feel real, and whose actions propel the plot forward. Games are no different. Using examples drawn from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Liberation, and a host of indie games, this talk illustrates how to create characters players will love, identify with, and want to fight for-- or against-- all while avoiding tropes and cliches.

Lauren Clinnick

Lauren Clinnick

Marketing Manager, Lumi Interactive

At GEC 2018:
"Marketing for Mobile Games"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

Lauren's session on marketing for mobile game development will help giv eyou the tools you need to plan for success in the modern marketplace. This talk will cover social media, making the most of your store page, planning your monetisation, UA, scaleability and more.

Abeer Kaisari (1)

Abeer Kaisari

Illustrator, The Citizen Archive of Pakistan

At GEC 2018:
"Concept art and illustrations in Game Design"

Track: Art and Animations

Design is the best way to communicate, we artists are fortunate that anyone and everyone can understand what we communicate through our art.

Mehran Khan

Mehran Khan

Game Artist, Megaparticle LTD

At GEC 2018:
" Career Hunter"

Game career guidance

My session will give students and newbies in the field of game-art and dev an essential insight into how to properly curate your folio, develop skill-set and maintain their inspirational levels in an infant industry. I will give advice on how to curate your folio, which skillsets to develop and how to make yourself valuable for the local gaming industry.


Ahmad Shah Nawaz

Strategic Partner Manager, South East Asia, Google, Singapore

At GEC 2018:
" App Quality and Ad-funded Monetization in Games"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

Comming Soon !!

2V2A2792-Edit - Robin Yang

Robin Yang

Senior Product Manager, CodeCombat, San Francisco

At GEC 2018:
" Advocating for Yourself When Your Manager Doesn't, Can't or Won't"

Track: Mobile Games marketing and User monetisation

Hard work doesn’t always speak for itself, and its not always easy to see a path forward in your career as a game developer. Sometimes your contributions go unnoticed, you lack the feedback you need to grow as an individual contributor, or you just don’t feel set up to succeed on your team. In an ideal world, a supportive manager is there to help you address these problems and champion your growth — but oftentimes even good intentions fall short. Learn how to advocate for yourself, gather insights about how to improve, and boost your own career growth; you might even make your manager’s life easier along the way.

Farah Ali

Farah Ali

Vice President Engineering, Electronic Arts Inc.

At GEC 2018:
" ML: Its in the game!"

Track: AI in Games

This talk will focus on how Electronic Arts (EA) uses AI and Machine Learning in the games they make. It starts with a brief overview of EA and how a central platform tech organization enables game studios to leverage scalable, central services that allows them to focus more deeply on building great game experiences. The talk goes deeper into 3 different examples of how AI and Machine learning are used in building the games of today and shares some open ended ideas of future areas to explore for AI in gaming. There will be a 10 minute Q&A session at end where you will get a chance to ask the speaker your burning questions

Adil Qayyum, Shahzad Akram, M. Ahmed Sheikh, Umair Qayyum

QA Lead : Northbay Solutions, Senior SQA Engineer : Strategic Systems International, QA Lead : Techlogix (Pvt) Ltd, Software Engineer : Strategic Systems International.

At GEC 2018:
" Evolution of QA in Gaming"

Track: Games Education

The session comprises of the fundamentals of SQA and evolution of gaming industry. The ever evolving processes and need to meet the quality standards and common myths regarding this field. Addressing some of the core concerns and areas that are very vital parts of the gaming industry of today from a product manager and SQA's perspective.

Speakers 2016-2017

Amy Claussen

Amy Claussen

Game Designer, ANKI

At GEC 2017:
"Bringing Cozmo to Life: Designing a Robot with Character"

Amy is a game designer and writer based in the Bay Area. She works in games, theatre, film... and robots.

Currently, she's a game designer for the robot Cozmo at Anki. Google him. He's adorable. And has some amazing tech going on inside his little brain.

Previously, she designed The Sims Mobile for Maxis/Electronic Arts, as well as wrote punderful words for SimCity BuildIt. She also worked on Pocket Gems' hit mobile games, Tap Paradise Cove and War Dragons, as well as contributed to Episode: Choose Your Story to optimize its community authors' writing tool.


Ken Levine

Creative Director, Ghost Story Games

At GEC 2017:

He is the creative director and co-founder of Ghost Story Games (formerly known as Irrational Games). He led the creation of the BioShock series, and is also known for his work on Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2. He was named one of the "Storytellers of the Decade" by Game Informer and was the 1UP Network's 2007 person of the year. He received the inaugural Golden Joystick "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his work.

Facetune - Jennifer Scheurle

Jennifer Scheurle

Game Design Lead, Opaque Space

At GEC 2017:
"Emotional Contagion: Neuroscience for better Game Design"

Jennifer Scheurle is a world-travelling Game Designer and public speaker who has worked on 10+ released titles since she started working in the industry 6 years ago. Born and raised in Germany and with a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in game development, she has played her role in Europe’s thriving indie game scene. She was named as one of the 100 most influential women in game development in 2016 by the Australian MCV Pacific. In 2017, she made MCV Pacific’s 30 Under 30 list.

Currently, Jennifer is working as the Game Design Lead at Melbourne-based Opaque Space, mainly designing the internationally acclaimed Earthlight VR in collaboration with NASA.

Beyond that, she works with Flat Earth Games on Objects in Space, which won the PAX Australia Indie Showcase in 2016 and was nominated for its physical controller set for the Alt.Ctrl.GDC award in 2017.


Rami Ismail

Producer & Co-Founder, Vlambeer

At GEC 2016:

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio known best for Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Super Crate Box, GUN GODZ, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter & Radical Fishing. Through his work at Vlambeer, Rami has come to realize that the marketing & business facets of many independent game developers could use some help.

Believing sharing knowledge openly is the cornerstone of independent development, Rami has spoken on a variety of subjects at dozens of game events around the world, ranging from the Game Developers Conference to Fantastic Arcade & from University seminars to incubator mentorship. Rami travels around the world trying to find game development communities everywhere, and tries to connect them to help enable anyone around the world to make games.

Emre Deniz - website

Emre Deniz

CEO, Opaque Space

At GEC 2017:
"Serious Games in VR"

Emre Deniz has been working in Virtual Reality for the past four years, being one of the first developers in Australia to work on the HTC Vive as well as having worked as both lead game designer and artist on multiple projects in Virtual, Augmented and Mobile experiences. Emre has previously worked with international partners such as Microsoft, Google and Epic on projects such as the award winning Virtual Dementia Experience, Kinect for Unreal and the internationally recognized Earthlight. Emre is currently the director at the HTC Vive-X backed 'Opaque Space', working alongside Epic and NVIDIA to bring space-based VR experiences to consumers as well as collaborating with NASA laboratories working on hybrid reality training for astronauts. He has also been an active advocate for diversity, accessibility and ethical development in VR and regularly speaks at conferences and lectures on game design, community building and development in VR.