Agenda for GEC 2020

Featured Session of GEC 2020

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Creator's Stories: WonderTree

WonderTree games are designed to develop physical, cognitive, language and social skills in children with special needs. Reinventing the conventional ways of Physiotherapy and Special Education, WonderTree uses Augmented Reality and makes interactive games for motor, academic and cognitive development and education of children with special needs. In this session, WonderTree will share their journey of making games.
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GEC 2020 Talks and Panel Sessions


Gaming the System: How TRU LUV created an Apple App of the Year with someone who doesn't know a thing about game design

In this session, Eve Thomas explains why working with people outside the industry can be a source of strength, how mobile phones represent both an opportunity and obstacle when it comes to reaching new audiences, how games are modern wellness tools, and why underrepresented voices often have the best stories to tell.

Crowdfunding for Indies

Matej will share his First-hand experience from 5 years of crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Patreon, together with lessons learned and how to plan a holistic approach to marketing and funding. sign your marketing and funding strategy.

Building Better Worlds through Game Culturalization

Kate Edward will be present in Islamabad and will discuss the little-known field of content culturalization and how it can assist game creators with building better game worlds that account for a wider range of cultural, political and business strategy aspects.


Using Reinforcement Learning to Personalize User's Experience and Responsible AI

In this session we will learn about Reinforcement Learning, and how it can be used to combine business goals with AI to produce cutting edge outcomes in the field of creating personalized experiences (recommendations) for the users.

6 Years, 40 Games and the Lessons Learnt

The talk will focus on the lessons learned from over 40 casual games belonging to IPs from companies like DreamWorks and Lego, what worked, what didn't, and what are some of the hindsight realizations worthy of consideration for any dev. All the while keeping Run Sheeda Run as a retrospect to understand how the mindset of novice game developers differs from the experienced ones."

QA Masterclass: Strategy for Game Testing

The session is going to be about the super-fast paced changing world of games, its platform diversification, and the dire need to keep quality in check. The immense importance of the quality product in a competitive environment, ramifications of missing out on certain aspects, and concise QA strategies to address it including manual, automation and in-between.


Trends of Quality Assurance and Security testing in Games

This session will be comprised of the Introduction of the game development life cycle, software development and software testing life cycle, security types, the importance of QA and security testing types and its importance in the game industry.

Games & Transformative Tech

In this Session, Haider is going to talk about games and transformative technology or more specifically games that are transformative. Games that can change the way we live, the way we feel, the way we think, and the way we behave.
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What is M-MEDIA?

In this Panel, we will argue that the future of media/tech and is total immersion. M- Media is where consumers use gamified behaviors to express themselves through content. It takes on the idea that we have to merge actual with the digital where users literally become the content.


100 ways to kill your game design

In this Panel, we will discuss the importance of game design practices from a different perspective, sharing our learnings from our failed project. Our panelist will also do a Q & A session with the audience.

Game UX: How to Test and Improve Your Game in Development/h4>

This talk will go over a few UX test techniques, such as usability tests, surveys, and telemetry analysis. It will give examples of how to run and analyse them, and how to get insights to improve your game in development.

Keynote for GEC 2020



3D Animation (Beginners)

The workshop will start with basic Animation. following the principals, and moving to advance animation and critical issues faced in animation pipelines.

Understanding 2D Animation Process (Beginners)

The workshop will focus on the overview of animation principles, Uses and applications of animation in the industry and how to charge animation work, Software selection for animation, Animating shapes and objects, Animating a normal walk cycle.

How to design Environments for games and Animations

In this session we should be working on designing a good quality of environment for game and animation as well. And how to start and whats the step to end it up.


Compositing & Visual Effects (VFX)

The session will be based on building a foundation of compositing, dealing with theory and techniques i.e masking, layering, etc. and giving participants the best practices in composting workflow.