Games Emergence Conference

Games Emerge Conference (GEC), 2016

PixelArt Games Academy  is organizing the Pakistan’s first Games Emerge Conference 2016 (GEC) for video game developers and creative artist of Pakistan, which will be held in Islamabad from 2nd Dec 2016 to 4th December 2016.

Purpose: The primary goal of the event is to promote video games development and creative industry in Pakistan. It aims to provide learning and networking opportunity for Students/Industry professionals in Pakistan. We have recently done great development in video games in Pakistan, many studios and companies has been engaged in making video games with local and international publishers. Our new generation has a very keen interest to make video games. It will be a great experience and learning opportunity for everyone who is passionate about video game development.

GEC 2016 will feature talks by Rami Ismail and Brie Code on the first day of the event followed by a 2-days World Wide Impact Jam. It’s a World Wide Impact Jam which aims to create games that has social impact. WWIJ is being organized by multiple countries around the world and PGA is responsible to organize it in Pakistan. The event will conclude after presentation of the games on the 3rd day of the event.

World Wide Impact Jam (WWIJ)

World Wide Impact Jam is a 2-day marathon in which participants around the globe take part in creating games about social issues.

PGA will organize the Pakistan chapter of the World-Wide Impact Jam 2016 (WWIJ), an event that will be held around the globe. The event aims to bring together game developers of Pakistan to learn, share, collaborate and create games on social issues being faced in Pakistan, all in just 2 days! Find more details:

The goal of the PGA Game Jam is for the participants to create a game from scratch about a social issue relevant to Pakistan with in a prescribed maximum time of 48 hours. The participants can make the game individually or by forming a team of 2 or more participants. The brief time span encourages creative thinking and innovation as participants rapidly prototype game designs. Such collaborative experience can help inject new ideas to help grow the game industry while creating awareness about social issues.

The themes selected by PGA for WWIJ (Pakistan Chapter) are “Peace/Education” which are both very important social issues within the context of Pakistan.

WWIJ (Pakistan Chapter) will be attended by hundreds of game makers that are actively seeking which software and technologies to use next and what companies support their love of games.

The target audience of the game jam includes:

Participants making games

–      Independent game developers

–     Professional artists, designers, audio technicians, and allied practitioners

About PixelArt Games Academy

PixelArt Games Academy (PGA) is the first and premier institute of Pakistan providing specialized education and training relevant to the video games industry since 2015.

PGA aims to provide a platform to aspiring game developers of Pakistan for the learning and practical application of different components of video games development such as game design, game art, programming, asset modeling and animations.

PGA Game Lab is a space where PGA students from different game development disciplines such as arts, animation and programming come together and collaborate as a team to build their own game under the mentorship of leading industry professionals.

Video games industry in Pakistan is still in its infancy. With PGA, we aim to bridge the gap between the requirements of the video games industry and what is generally taught in universities and colleges of Pakistan.

Our mission is to educate, empower and engage those interested in creating games in Pakistan, by fostering a diverse community of passionate game developers and involving leading industry professionals in the process, not only from within Pakistan but also from around the globe.