Game Showcase

The primary goal of the GEC 2017 is to promote the video games development industry in Pakistan. The event aims to provide learning, mentoring and networking opportunity for video game development students and industry professionals in Pakistan.

GEC 2017 will build on the foundation laid by GEC 2016 in the creation and promotion of a vibrant community of game developers in Pakistan. We hope to make this year’s GEC bigger and better by increasing the number of participants in the event, involving more international speakers, collaborating with the Indian game development community in the game jam and organizing a game showcase for local developers which will appeal not only to game developers, publishers and investors of Pakistan but also video game enthusiasts across the country.

This event will be promoted internationally through our supporters, speakers and organizations like IGDA and IGN and therefore provides a unique opportunity to connect local talent with the game developers and publishers around the globe.

GEC 2017 will feature the first Pakistan India Impact Jam (PIIJ 2017) aimed towards promoting peace and cooperation between India and Pakistan. PPIJ 2017 is a 2-day game development marathon in which participants from India and Pakistan shall take part in creating video games for promoting peace and collaboration between the two nations. Pakistan Chapter of PIIJ 2017 is being organized by PGA as part of the GEC 2017.

This will be the first time in history that a game jam is being held jointly between India and Pakistan and it is hoped that the event will promote the spirit of tolerance, peace and friendship between the two countries who have been unsuccessful in maintaining regional peace over the past 7 decades. GEC 2017 will open doors to collaboration between the emerging game development communities of South Asia.